Monday, November 2, 2009

Attack of the Killer Rockies!

Morris: We survived Halloween just fine, but NOW ... it sounds like raccoons (or "rockies" as our very silly Mom calls them) have invaded the attic again. We had them last winter, and they really messed up our A/C ducts. Which was terrible this summer, till we got them fixed again. Last winter, Mom bought some "large critter repellent" (allegedly essence de fox urine) online and popped that up in the attic, and it was all nice and quiet and peaceful (except for Uncle E, of course) again. So this time, she went to Home Depot and bought some stuff that's really pepper-y and put it in the attic again. It was noisy for a bit this afternoon, but now it's quiet again. Thing is, she fixed the way the rockies got in this summer ... and we don't know HOW they got in again. Keep your fingers crossed that she can figure it out and fix it this time too! We know that sometimes rockies come up for the cat food Mom leaves out for Miss D and Smokey (Mom: a pair of feral cats I feed), and when they do, she quits leaving any food out at night. But the darn things got in again!!! Mom, quit putting food in the attic! (Mom: Morris! I'm not THAT silly!) Or ... Mom, could it be GHOSTS up there?????