Friday, October 23, 2009

An appearance by Miss Shadow!

Shadow: Hi, everyone! My name is Shadow ... and I'm a very shy kitty! You're lucky to see me at all! :)

I'm Mama T's baby girl, but I'm a big girl these days. Mom says I'm a dilute Calico, but I prefer to be called a pastel Calico. I'm mostly a soft gray color, dotted with creamy peach and beautiful beige patches ... I match a Shabby Chic home perfectly! :) Of course, Mom's home is more Shabby than Chic, but we do our best to make it look good! (Mom: Is THAT what you call shredding every piece of furniture and rug? And leaving your hair on EVERYTHING?) Mom! WE are the decorators here! (Mom: Only because I've given up ... I am outnumbered, after all!)

I can't believe how many friendly felines are out here in the cat blogosphere! This is so much fun! Even if I hide out a lot, I'll be thinking of you all! 


  1. I wanted to stop over today and met you. You certainly are a beautiful kitty. It's OK to be shy sometimes that happens. Hope to visit again with you. You are always welcome at my place so stop on over.

  2. Great to meet ya, Shadow. You're a beauty!
    Our mom says she's given up on decorating our house too cause she is outnumbered!

  3. What a beautiful dilute tortie you are! Nice to meet you, Shadow!

  4. It's okay if yoo hide out a lot, we will teleport over and join yoo in da hidey spot once in awhile and just hang out. We is gonna go check out da rest of yoor bloggie now. It's very nice to meet yoo all.

  5. Shadow: Wait! Am I a tortie or a calico? MOOOOM!!!! (Mom: Sorry, kid. Vet said calico; maybe she misspoke. Me, I'm clueless! Just consider yourself gorgeous no matter what!)

  6. Oh wow - another one from Dallas!!! We are a kitty family from Dallas too - we saw you at the Blogosphere and wanted to say hello!
    What a beautiful fur family!!
    Lucky, Bugsy and Hope ~