Thursday, October 22, 2009

Come Meet Mama T!

Morris: I'm back, but only because I'm introducing my bestest Ladyfriend, the beautiful Mama T. 

Mama T: Hi, everyone. Yes, that's a terrible picture of me, I know. I really am a gorgeous ginger girl. Can I help it if Mom used a horrible cellphone camera there? 

I came in from the porch a few years ago with my brotherkitty, Tio Tyger. We were Tigger (me!) and Tyger too! Mom didn't realize it, but I was already with children then ... and just before she was going to take me to get my Ladyparts fixed, I surprised her with five li'l babies in her closet. Ooops. But right after they got big enough to let me get All Fixed Up, I did -- so we won't be having any more surprises! (Mom: Thank God!) We still have one (not so small) baby at our home, my darling Miss Shadow, who you'll meet tomorrow. And I was a most superb mamacat, hence the change in my name to Mama T. 

I am, Mom says,  a Model Cat. I must say, I do have marvelous high cheekbones, beautiful green eyes and a wonderfully chiseled face. If Mom would get a decent camera, I'm sure you would agree. 

Mom calls me the Most Jealous One. She says if somebody's getting some love and I hear them purring, I come running. Even to the other side of the house. Well, maybe she's right there. I loves everyone, so I try to love on them first before I demand ask for all a bit of Mom's attention.

It's wonderful meeting all of you beautiful kitties! But I believe it's almost snack time ... much go see what's going on in the kitchen! Much love, all!    


  1. Hey there all of you guys. It's good to meet you. We came over because the CB told us about you. Come on by sometime and visit.

  2. Hi there Krewe, nice to meet you all.

    Poppy Q

  3. Mama T, you sounds a wonderful kitty. I had a litter of five babies and they called me Mama at the shelter. You are lucky to have one of your babies still with you. I was adopted after the kittens went to their forever homes. The PM wishes she had came earlier and would have adopted me and my last kitten but that's OK. I have two siblings now!

    Nice to meet you all.

    Purrs, Banshee

  4. Yes, I can see why you are a model cat fur sure. The Kitty Krew told us to stop by and say hello. We are your new friends Brian, Sascha, Gracie & Zoe!

  5. Hi there, Krewe! We heard about you over at the Cat Blogosphere. It's nice to meet all of you!! We'll visit again and hope you might visit us sometime!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  6. So great to meet all of you!!! You sound like a furry fun bunch of kitties to hangout with! There are six of us too and one foster kitten. Stop by and see us sometime, we love company!

    P.S. Our mom feeds a feral TNR colony and one of the kitties is named Mama T, she's a tortie!

  7. Nice to meet you, Mama T! You're a beautiful girl!

  8. Hi and nice to meet you! Hope to meet all of you soon!
    ~ The Bunch

  9. Our Mom rescues feral cats and she has two mom cats with their babies (all grown up now) living together. Nice to meet you all. Come by and visit us!

  10. Nice to meet you, Mama T! We hope your mom gets a good camera too, so we can see you and the rest of your Krewe properly. Of course, then you'll all complain about the flashy box thing like the rest of us kitties. MOL

    By the way, in case you hadn't realized, we posted at the Cat Blogosphere - - about you guys, so you'll be seeing more visitors! :) The CB is the main kitty hangout, where all the cat news is passed out.

    And thanks for coming to my Gotcha Day party yesterday!! :)

    purrs and hugs,

  11. Well, hello everyone. Welcome to our cat blogging community. My, what a handsome family.

    Stop over and see us some time.

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty
    The Crew