Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Report!

Morris: Hi, everyone! We don't have a lot to report from this weekend. It was pretty quiet, except for all the rumbly skies Sunday night. We kept asking Mom to stop it, but she wouldn't. Some people. Otherwise, she was a good servant for us this weekend. Unlike last weekend, when she went off somewhere and left us all by our lonesome selves. Well, mostly by ourselves. 

She had a lady from the vet's office come in to take care of us. Well. I KNOW this lady, and I was not happy. I mean, she's the one there who always stabs me for my blood glucose tests. I saw her, and I thought she was coming HERE to stab me. So I ran! Wouldn't you? And besides -- she WAS going to stab me with those shots Mom gives me!

You know, even in a small cottage like we live in, I managed to evade her AND her friend for a half-hour. I'm GOOD like that! But it didn't work out like I wanted. I just wanted the two of them to go away. But nooooooooooo. Instead, they caught me and put me in that blasted box and took me to the vet's office. The lady called Mom and told her that because of the shots I have to take and the trouble I love to make, I was going to have to stay at the vet's all weekend. She caught Mom right after they'd had a nasty wreck in someplace called Tulsa, and Mom was already frazzled, so she said that was fine. I know if Mom'd been OK, she would have come right home and gotten me out of that vet's office. (Mom: Um, no, Morris. You and the Krewe were being cared for quite nicely. We got another rental car, continued our trip and ended up having a blast anyway!)

Sigh. Such a 'tude from the servant. It's a wonder I have her as well trained as I do. We got her back, though. The lady brought me back home before Mom got home Sunday, and we felines hatched a plot: We all hid out after Mom came home Sunday. Didn't show our sweet little faces (or even the boys' not-so-sweet faces!) at all. Threw her into a complete tizzy. This little house has LOTS of hidey-holes, and we know where they all are! We stayed hidden for HOURS and laughed and laughed as she searched. We finally took pity on her when it was our Snack Time. And she was so relieved that we still got all our good snacks!  


  1. The size of the home does not matter as long as there are hidey holes a plenty!!!

  2. You guys are funny!
    Hope you mom was ok after that wreck!!!

  3. well hiding is fun, but snack time is snack time - it's the mostest important time!

  4. Good job at hiding, Morris! We hope your Mom was okay after the wreck

  5. Oh we like hidey holes! We drive the beans crazy when we hide and they call and call and we don't come out!! But we're sorry you hadta go to the v-e-t! We hope your mom was okay after that crash!! That's no fun!!