Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guess we should introduce ourselves...

Morris: To be polite and all, y'know. Yes, we are six of the Greatest Cats on Earth. We'll all take turns here (but I rule, so I speak first. And Most.). I won't bore you with details of The Others; they can use their own time to do that! But me ... why, yes, of course, you want to meet Me. 

I am a very handsome orange tabby Mancat. I should be the Only Cat (after me, who else do you need??), but Mom says that ain't happening. Me, I don't understand that. I mean, OK, I love the ladies ... but other boys? Puhleeeze. I should be all that any lady needs! (Mom: So I'm a lady now? When did that happen?) Something happened to my front claws before I came to Mom's house, so as much as I adore the outdoors, I don't get to go. I've still got my bad 'tude, though -- claws or no. And if you really p*** me off, I'll even bark at you! Yes! Bilingual, baby! (Mom: He's not lying. His low, low growl will end with a "woof" when he's REALLY annoyed!) Last year, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I get two shots of insulin a day that I'm not crazy about, but I also get really good treats to go with them. And Mom won't do my blood glucose checks; she drags me off to the vet to get those done. (Mom: No claws doesn't mean he can't fight -- and draw blood!) Otherwise, I'm pretty healthy and as happy as a True Only Cat can be living with other ... creatures!  

Oh, those other creatures? There are the lovely ladies Mama T and Shadow. Then some rather useless boys: Uncle E, Tio Tyger and Teke.  I'll give them a chance to speak. Can't do the superior dance if I'm not truly superior, y'know! 

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  1. Morris: what a pleasure to meet you! We have a orange tiger tabby our house too--you too SOUND the same...! :)

    Noir the Neighbor!