Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Uncle E speaks!

Uncle E: Hi, everyone! I know Morris thinks he's The Man, but ... let's get real. I'm more handsome, larger and far more loveable! Just look at THIS face:

Well, OK, I was a little surprised that Mom wanted to shoot me during my Private Box Time. But who knows with her? 

Anyway, back to Me: I'm easily one of the biggest Mancats you've ever met. Not only in size, but in Purrsonality. I love playing Happy Paws & Happy Claws. (Mom: Boy, does he ever love Happy Claws! I have the scars to prove it!) I'm pretty laid-back, but I won't back down when Morris pulls one of his Only Cat stunts. How laid back? Hey, I let Mom trim my claws! Go figure ...

My name wasn't always Uncle E. I was found on the porch with my sister. Mom saw that SHE made all the trouble and named us Tempest and Echo. Tempest has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, where I know she's stirring up as much trouble as she can, but I'm still around. When Mama T had her kittens, (Mom: More on that later!) I turned into the World's Greatest Uncle Cat. But really, "Uncle Echo" just didn't work. So I became the ultra-cool Uncle E.

Later, baby!


  1. You are a cutie patootie! We luf tabby and white poodins! And yes, the Man is cute too. Welcome to the blogging world! We are glad that you have enjoyed reading our blog. We don't blog as much as we used to since Maw works FT and we moved into a bigger house. That takes more work...

    Luf, Us

  2. Uncle E--the handsome mancat you are! And nice to have fellow Texas cats in the fold! Come back over and visit my blog again sometime..

    Keep on being HANDSOME!


  3. Welcome to the cat blogosphere! We saw you over on Noir's bloggie and thought we'd come say hi to some more Dallas area kitties. Nice to meet Uncle E and Morris so far, looking forward to meeting the rest of you too! :)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew