Friday, October 23, 2009

Master Cuddler Tio Tyger's Here!

Tio Tyger: Hi, everyone! So now that I'm here, can I start a big group hug? I mean, just look at my face! Aren't I the Most Lovable ManCat Ever?

I'm definitely the Love Bug of the family, Mom says. It's true; I do loves a good snuggle. I give Great Head Butts! And butt skritches ...  boy, oh, boy, they are the BEST! And I turn into the biggest Elevator Butt Kitty you've ever seen when I get those butt skritches!

I'm training Mom so good. If she goes in the bathroom for anything, I'm there, in the sink, waiting on my drink from the faucet. Of course she turns it on for me. And my latest trick ... I can hop on her back when she's on the computer to get her attention! It works! (Mom: Yes. And then he stomps on the keyboard. So when you see garble, you'll know Tio Tyger was at work!)

I'm also a very sound sleeper. I bet I could sleep through a tornado! I mean, I WILL get up if I need to, but really ... I deserve all the Handsomeness Sleep I can get! And because I'm so cuddly, I never sleep alone. :) 

'Nother group hug? :)


  1. You are SO HANDSOME---all of us tabby cats are nothing less!! Keep up the gorgeousness...humans love that kind of thing!


  2. Oh Tio! You're adorable!!! I love cuddlebugs! and your face! It looks so happy and smiley!