Friday, October 23, 2009

Saving the Best for Last ...

Teke: Well, of course, we're saving the best for last! Just ask me -- I'm Teke!

OK, so I'm not this tiny anymore ... but I'm still this adorable! I'm a gorgeous teencat -- and I have the most wonderful, softest, longest hair of anyone in the house! Take that, Morris! Yes, I'm all floof, and I flaunt it! 

Last fall, I heard about this wonderful little house where kitties like me could go and get fed. So I went. I was just a wee handful, so Mom scooped me up and brought me inside. I was in pretty good shape, but I had lost my left eye to something outside, the vet said. Actually, I'm pretty special at the vet's office: I've seen all three doctors there. The ManVet said he was concerned about how much sight I still had in my right eye, but if there's a problem, you can't tell it by me!

Mom originally named me King Tut, as I am a Boy King myself. But the first LadyVet said that I was a pretty GirlKitty. So Mom changed my name to Cleopatra. And then ... well ... I'm a very playful Kitty, but Mom thought I was a Terrorist Kitten. (Mom: Slapping my sodas off the coffee table? Flying through the air to land on me -- claws OUT -- at 5 a.m.? Need I go on?) So she started calling me "T.K." and that's evolved into Teke. Oh, and I'm a ManCat. Well, a BoyTeenCat, anyway. "Something" ended up dropping down really visibly, and there was no doubt. (Mom: In the LadyVet's defense, Teke has a LOT of hair EVERYWHERE!)

Mom still calls me "cutie bootie" more than Teke, but that's not a good name for a Gorgeous ManCat, is it? 



  1. Keep them guessing, Teke. I like your name. It's nice to meet you.

  2. Thank you for following me. I'll return the favor. My blog is usually a lot happier and I'll be getting back to the happy posts tonight. I've come out of my funk, for the time being at least, and I'm ready to have fun again.

  3. Hai Teke! What a great story about how you got your name!